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A Digital Powerhouse Collaboration

“The Digitopia Digital Maturity Study is the utmost professional. This is the way maturity assessment is supposed to be done. It felt like we were working with someone amongst us, as if someone from our company was talking about us and holding up a mirror to our work. There is so much talk about digital transformation these days. It has been a relief to have access to some quality work.”

                                                                         Burak Yahşi
                                                                                    Head of Digital Transformation at Siemens

Digital transformation is typically viewed from an individual’s domain of expertise. Some see it as digital marketing, and others as RPA, and so on. Some say it is cultural transformation, and that technology follows; that there can be no transformation without people. This is true, but there can be no transformation without technology either.

The Siemens Digital Transformation Team is responsible for all the processes within the Internal Business Unit. The most advanced technologies are used. Departments expect solutions with a clear business impact; increased revenues, optimization, quality improvement, and such. Siemens considers this in all the work they do.

As a digital transformation executive, Mr. Yahşi has been actively involved in developing digital solutions for the last 6 years. As an engineer, he has been coding for 21 years and has witnessed the changes in the technological landscape. That is why he is confident in saying that digital transformation is not “just a trend” for him. He has been involved in this transformation process for years. When he looks around, he sees companies that have not yet come to the ‘correct’ understanding of digital transformation.

Mr. Yahşi ‘s understanding of digital transformation is its impact on profitability and sustainable growth. There are many stories of failure and disappointment because of a lack of understanding of digital transformation.

Assessing digital maturity is important to reach a mutual understanding, to set targets and to stay on track. It is a subject that deserves more attention, and it is great to see a company like Digitopia focusing on Digital Maturity.

Expectations for digital transformation were very high in 2017. In the years that followed there have been some disappointments. By scoring and measuring digital transformation progress, companies can avoid derailment and stay motivated.

Mr. Yahşi finds Digitopia’s DMI scoring and overall work very valuable. He is an expert in digital transformation and can attest to Digitopia’s professionalism. It is his experience that Digitopia’s DMI is exactly how digital maturity assessment is supposed to be done.

Digitopia Consultant Emir Saricali was extremely focused during the assessment process. In the closing meeting, he reminded us of the comments that were made during the workshop, where he had taken impressively detailed notes. Mr. Yahşi and his colleagues at Siemens felt as if Emir was one of their own team members.


Burak Yahşi follows Digitopia on all media channels, and he appreciates the professionalism in all the work that they do.

He would like to stay in contact and support Digitopia in any way that he can.

Thank you, Burak!