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The world after Covid-19 will be different from today. The importance of some essentials has been deeply understood. Health and hygiene first, people’s mental wellbeing, the resilience and sustainability of basic infrastructure is crucial for the smooth operation of our civilization. Schools, hospitals, playgrounds, sports leagues, movie theatres, cafes and restaurants, and much more.

These days we miss them and substitute them with other stuff, mostly digital services. Streaming movies, listening to music, shopping online, video conferencing for work and private life. But, as we sadly recognize, it’s not the same and never will be. We are impatiently aiming to get back to normal, out in the streets and sip our coffees, hug our beloved ones, pick up our kids from school, go to the movies or hang out with friends.

Digital transformation is taking place and will continue to evolve and pervade. Every business, every industry, every city, every nation will digitally transform. And that’s a good thing, if designed wisely and executed carefully. It’s not just about spending money for technology. It’s also not just raising data scientists and optimizing any problems. It’s much more than that. We are basically setting up “civilization 2.0”, our lifestyle, city style, business style of the future.


We draw a picture of a landscape and tried to put a horizon of a long-term journey on it. The illustration shows three phases. First phase is about improving your maturity. What comes up to you mind when you hear the word maturity? A child growing up? A seed vegetates and becomes a big tree? A nice meal in the oven is slowly cooking for dinner?

As these examples demonstrate, maturity takes time. How much time? As much as it requires. If you proceed as natural as possible, usually you get the best result. Human pregnancy takes 9 month and 10 days. There is very little tolerance for more and a little more tolerance for less. If you rush it, you may crush it. This is true for many processes in nature. Similarly, it is very true for businesses as well. You can just throw money at the problem and buy maturity or buy greatness. You have to work hard to achieve it. Usually there is a lot of sweat, tears and blood involved in big achievements.

The second phase is about capabilities. Once you have graduated from high school, you have the basic maturity, and now it’s about gaining some capabilities you will use your lifetime. You get professional on something, and turn it into your profession, your hobby or even into your passion and excel in it.

In regard to digital transformation these capabilities are of technical nature, such as data science, integration, agile development, and such. But there are also cultural capabilities, such as become customer centric, work more agile, be open for start-ups, foster ecosystems, and similar. On top of all that, of course there are very critical new business capabilities, such as partnerships, platforms, sharing economy, crowdsourcing, and many more. These capabilities are not developed over night. They require hard work, ability to unlearn and relearn again.

Then there is a third phase, which is about differentiation. Without maturity there will be no capabilities. Without capabilities there will be no differentiation. They all build up on each other. These phases may overlap and go in parallel, but the overall conclusion is, that is requires quite hard work, dedication and some time to reach digital greatness. So, you should be determined, patient and have a strong team to support you during this lifetime journey.

We receive a lot of questions from hundreds of companies and executives about digital transformation. We could summarize them in a few buckets:

  • Where do I stand? How digital am I?
  • Where should I start from?
  • How much should I invest?
  • How can I ensure that I am investing in the right stuff?
  • What shall the target culture look like?
  • How can I attract more relevant talent to my organization?
  • Can I, or how can I jump start a digital business right away?
  • Do I need a CDO? Who shall it be?
  • How does the digital organization look like? What kind of skills do I need?
  • When working with start-ups, should I invest in them, work with them, or buy them?
  • Do I need a digital strategy, or a digital vision, or a digital manifesto? How does it look like?
  • How can I convince my board, that digital is inevitable?
  • And many more…

To reach your goal, there are various ways. But first, you have to know where you stand. Remember Alice asking the cat, which way to go. The cat asked Alice, where she was heading to. Alice didn’t know. Then, the cat replied, that it doesn’t matter which road she takes.

So, better you know where you are and where you would like to go. We can determine your very comprehensive and very precise digital maturity with our Digital Maturity Index service. Within a few weeks you get a very detailed report about your past and present digital maturity and I guideline for your target maturity vision.

Once you set the target, now you need a vision, goals, strategies how to reach them and a roadmap guiding you the way. Our Digital Strategy and Roadmap service helps you to build a guiding coalition, to establish a common goal and to determine your way plan to succeed in the digital realm.

Once you started your journey, you should have a friend alongside. With our “Digital Transformation Office” retainer service, we shed light on your way, hold your hand, mitigate the risks, help your take difficult decisions, and watch the progress to ensure that you, your business, your investments, your digital transformation journey stay on track.

During digital transformation programs usually, a cultural transformation takes place or has to take place. Since the digital realm needs new capabilities and a whole new mindset. With 20th century skills and a culture derived from the industrial age; you will not be able to succeed in the information age. Our “Digital Cultural Transformation” service analyses your current corporate culture, finds ways to instil required mindset, develop new digital capabilities, spread the word inside and outside your organization and foster a lively ecosystem. This is essential to succeed with and after the digital transformation.

We speak a lot about an ecosystem, because we have and are part of various ecosystems. We see in vibrant cities, hubs, or industry clusters, that the success comes from vivid ecosystems. Our “Digital Innovation Partnership” service helps you to do “inside out” and “outside in” innovation. We would like to consider ourselves as your partner, open up our ecosystem and grow your ecosystem. With a vibrant ecosystem you will find many more ideas, have a pool of talent and create much higher brand value.

Last but not least, there is another track on the landscape. If you are not patient enough, or if the opportunity window is just open so long, then you can’t wait for a strategy or a roadmap, or waste time with cultural transformation. In such a case you have to set up “Business 2.0” from scratch and we help you with the “Digital Business Execution” service. Here we become interim leaders of this new endeavour, we co-design the business model, we create the organization, establish the operating model, help you to implement the infrastructure and run the business together with your team. Once it reached a certain maturity, then we leave it you and become part of the executive or advisory board.

We don’t sell services. We become your trusted advisors. We don’t succeed alone. Your business succeeds and we just get satisfied to have one more success story and a few new friends. Sounds interesting? Let’s get in touch… May the digital forces be with you…

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