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Anti CEO Playbook for the Digital Future

Business is about profit making. If we explain it a little bit more humane, business is about customers and delivering value. Does this include any sort of conduct maximizing the results. Sacrificing environment, not caring about the community you live in, forget about your employees and ruin the future for the generations to come? Is this a fair balance?

Chobani’s CEO Hamdi Ulukaya says NO. If CEO’s brought us to this point, and they followed a playbook written by management gurus and business schools, then there is something broken.

He suggests the Anti CEO playbook. Consider your employees, consider the community, and consider the environment. This will bring long lasting benefits to all constituents. “This is the difference between profit and true wealth,” he says. Most importantly he deeply believes in it and applies it at his own business. With good result. Chobani is the fastest growing food company in the last decade, become the market no 1 selling yogurt company in the US.


Everything what Hamdi Ulukaya argues is exactly true for the digital future. If you want to be successful in the new digital realm and establish a corporate culture for people, customers, partners to thrive, then you must establish an environment of trust, of freedom, of creativity. Anybody and everybody must be able to say what they think, to share a new idea, without being criticized, without feeling negative about the idea or themselves.

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