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Do you remember the Web 2.0 concept? It was the beginning of 2000s when internet has transformed into a two-way, contribution and sharing platform. Before that, there was only the publisher and the consumer. And the consumer could only access, read in other words “consume” the predefined content shared by the publisher

The first platforms were the social networks, Facebook being the most popular and wide spread one. Facebook is platform which is used by people to meet and share/exchange ideas and thoughts with each other. The content platforms, such as Blogspot and Youtube, are then followed social platforms. Now, not only the publishers but also the consumers could share their own content in internet. Then we met Wikipedia which overtook hundreds of years old encyclopedia Britannica’s business. At the end of the day, how could a publishing house stand against the “world”?!


Afterwards, the announcements turned into platforms. Housing announcements, car announcements, job announcements and such were now published on platforms called, ( Thanks to Twitter, the news were now transformed to a platform. News agencies and newspapers got integrated to this platform, Huffington Post transformed the end to end journalism into platforms.

Nowadays, when we speak about the “platforms”, UBER and Airbnb are the first companies that come to our mind. One of them, UBER, has the world’s biggest taxi fleet withoug owning any of the vehicles. The other one, Airbnb, has more bed capacity than the world’s biggest hotel chain, without owning any buildings or rooms himself. Both companies take up the magazine covers as the new stars of the economy and attract investors who are willling to invest big numbers into these two companies.


Digitalization has removed the “middle-men” from the processes by introducing mobile applications to the consumers’ life. As long as it can attract enough traffic and customers, any mobile application can turn into a platform. But what do you need most to convert your mobile business service to a platform? For sure, a high quality service that targets a world class customer experience but also a realiable infrastructure which will enable your customers to instantly access your services no matter when and from where they want.


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