Life in 2030 – The Elephant Scenario
Life in 2030 – The Elephant Scenario
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Life in 2030 – The Elephant Scenario

July 6, 2021 - 3 min

What will life be like in 2030? Will it be a world where we, as customers, are fully conscious and especially careful of what we consume and spend our money on to ensure the greater good of humanity and society. Let's find out by consulting Linda, our fictional character who allows us to gaze into the future!

Life in 2030: Retail in The Elephant Scenario

Imagine a world where some sort of "big brother" is watching us all the time. Because they did it incrementally, unfortunately, all the world's population got used to it.

governments or almighty commercial superpowers control most of the surveillance infrastructure and collect all the information. Based on that information, and using unlimited computing power and sharp algorithms, these superpowers can calculate almost anything such as shopping recommendations, playlists, search results, social media posts, and much more. Being able to that, they might try to manipulate your lifestyle, political opinion, economic and financial behavior, social connections and habits, hobbies, and much more.

The Elephant Scenario

Every human being listed in the census each year was able to choose 10 items on their birthday, 5 items for government holidays, and 30 items per person, per household to be allocated to any other holidays each family chose to celebrate. In addition to any other daily needs, this system ensured the sustainable success of the overall retail economy. With 17.7 million people celebrating a birthday each day across the globe, the revenue stream was inarguably brilliant.

In 2030, Linda turned 25 and started her career. Linda not only pioneered the vintage revamp of selling second-hand items through converting storage into shops, but people began interacting more frequently via the live-chat app she created for her storage re-sell shops. Depression and anxiety rates in humans fell to an all-time low and spending increased. Linda didn't see the point in pretending to be someone she was not, and her shopping habits reflected the same sentiment. She never bought too much, and she never went with too little. It was very important for Linda to remain a stay-at-home mother, and because of her ideas and the government support, Linda was able to use digital services to implement her shopping technique into every store in her community, increasing revenue to the retail market even further.

In 2023, when Linda started university, she saw another opportunity. Now that she had aged 18 years, she had acquired 180 items from her birth days alone. Walking into her home-storage units, she browsed through all the items she had acquired over her lifetime and she had an idea. With all this storage that she alone had, why not create her own brick-and-mortar style online shopping center? She remembered reading about her parents and grandparents buying items

and re-selling them once they had gotten old…sometimes for a higher price than they originally were worth.

Our Digital Destiny
You may argue this scenario is already on the way, or partially happening already. You might be right. But this scenario describes much more severe surveillance; probably even going under our skin, collecting biometric information, profiling every citizen or consumer, and making decisions on their behalf. The impact of this scale of surveillance and the possibilities with this amount of information would be unprecedented. Retail stores and e-commerce sites alike could know exactly who the consumers are what they want, what to recommend them, what to show them, what to sell them, the price, the location, basically anything. These superpowers probably would be able to deliver your needs and wants right to your doorsteps. This service would be perceived as high quality, the choices would be appreciated or accepted, the loyalty might be very high due to the diminishing variety of options.

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