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Case Studies


A101 is a grocery giant operating in Turkey. The company focuses on the discount grocery retail market. As of January 2021, A101 has 10,000+ stores located in every city in Turkey. The company is growing rapidly and contacted Digitopia to sustain its business growth with digital transformation.

A101 desired a companion for their digital strategy and have trusted Digitopia’s DMI service for the job. The company already had access to large quantities of unstructured customer data logs. A101 needed help identifying and prioritizing their digital transformation initiative to capture more insightful customer data and provide better engagement. Digitopia helped A101 organize a digital transformation plan to increase their customer data points systematically by 100-fold within the next 2 years. The aim of the digital maturity index service was to establish key benchmarks to accelerate A101’s digital journey and sustain its successful financial performance.


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