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The Post-Covid Era Requires Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caught us all off-guard. A few people across the globe had been theorizing about the possibilities of such a pandemic,...

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A Customer Experience Perspective

We are going through extraordinary times. The Covid 19 pandemic has been claiming lives around the world, perplexed healthcare systems, stopped global transportation and...

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To Buy or Not to Buy

Why do we buy what we buy? Do we buy a product or a service, just because we need it or mostly because we...

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Digitopia's Digital Transformation Dictionary

  We prepared a “Digital Transformation Dictionary” for you. Here are the terms: Accelerator Programs Advanced Analytics Agile Anything Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality Autonomous...

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How Can A Global Pandemic Change Our Lifestyles For Better?

We are currently living under physical restrictions all over the world.  Some of us work from home. We parent at home. We teach and...

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Pandemic, Lockdown and Consumer Behaviour: Now What?

Over the past several decades, the world has become more connected through the internet and transportation. People have been able to reach information easier,...

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