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A Critical Approach To Digital

Yes, Covid-19 turned us all more towards digital outlets. Most of us watch more online. Most of us shop more online. Most of us...

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“The Better Normal” Will Be Created by Us

The COVID-19 pandemic brings unprecedented change to all of us individually, organizationally, nationally, and even globally. The world and humanity will be vastly different...

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A Coronavirus Cannot Make You Digital

Social media can be fun and engaging, especially in times such as these. Lately, we have seen posts, portraying coronavirus as the reason behind...

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Digitopia's Digital Transformation Dictionary

  We prepared a “Digital Transformation Dictionary” for you. Here are the terms: Accelerator Programs Advanced Analytics Agile Anything Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality Autonomous...

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What About Digital Governance?

Any family, any organization, any given enterprise takes multiple decisions every day. There are many questions to be asked around decision making. Who takes...

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Digital Transformation Creates Digital Revenues

We have a rather liberal approach to the definition of “digital transformation”. Most companies that run “digital optimization” projects, enterprise software updated programs or...

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