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Customer-Oriented Digital Transformation is Very Important for Retailers!

Digitization and technological developments change the face of the retail sector rapidly. The online retail rate increases day by day. Today, the success of...

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GDP as metric is not sufficient. How to value the digital economy?

It is one the most commonly used measures of economic activity: gross domestic product (GDP), defined as the total market value of all final...

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Why did they fail?

It seems to be everybody’s favorite to talk about Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Wikipedia. The success stories. But how about the companies these new age...

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How Music Became Forever Digital?

Music is an ancient form of entertainment. Humans like to express their feelings by shouting, clapping, crying, and sharing fears, dreams, and desires. Even...

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Welcome to the Digital Future

“It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”  – Niels Bohr.   We can’t accurately predict the future. But we can watch...

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