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A Post-Crisis Outlook: Back To A Better Normal Survey Results

The Better Normal, as we prefer to conceive it, is approaching. We believe that we are going to live through the pandemic process and...

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Extraordinary Times Require Preparedness: Digital Is Inevitable!

Have you ever experienced days like these? It’s likely that only people who have experienced war or very localized medical emergencies know what it...

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Meaningful Customer Experience Is No Easy Victory

Many industries resemble the local bazaars of Turkey. Rows of stands compete to sell an array of embellished products which are pretty much the...

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Microbreweries will come to your neighborhood very soon

Beer and similar brewed drinks are very popular. You can’t imagine an urban party without these drinks. Usually they are brewed in large factories,...

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Formula 1 2050 - McLaren's vision of the future motorsports

Formula 1 is one of the most viewed spectacle of the world. The races are super exciting. The shows on TV are very engaging....

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