Customer-Oriented Digital Transformation is Very Important for Retailers!


Digitization and technological developments change the face of the retail sector rapidly. The online retail rate increases day by day. Today, the success of brands directly depends on the accurate assessment of customer behavior.

Nowadays, the retail sector tries to accommodate itself to the sectoral change due to adopting customer expectations. The shift of the customer segment to the Y and Z generations makes innovations compulsory to adapt to generation behavior and expectations. Of course, the lead brands in the retail sector use various innovations both in physical and online stores for increasing customer satisfaction. Companies like Amazon, Nike, Zara, Sephora increase customer satisfaction by integrating physical and online channels with Omnichannel applications. Also; these brands provide innovative experiments for their customers such as payment with face recognition technology, digital price tags, robotic shopping carts, and customized products and designs.

Companies who want to catch the era and the future should make accurate analyzes in line with customer demands and customer behaviors. Also, they need to adopt the rapid change of the digital world, to follow technological developments, to accommodate with digitization and to improve their customer journey. In this point, accurately analyzing and catching up the trends that are expected to shape the future of retail is very important for the brands. Because a variety of shopping opportunities for customers exist in online channels, brands need to make more personalized innovations for customer satisfaction.

Another point is collecting and analyzing all end-to-end information about customer behavior in both online and physical stores. It is necessary for all companies that want to be successful in the retail sector.

Another important point for retailers is Data. The sector needs to use artificial intelligence to accurately analyze the data. Retail companies need to have security systems for analyzing and tracking the customer journey in the best way. These systems are closely related to the acceleration of digital transformation in Information Technologies infrastructures.

In the sector, giving importance to big data security and usage, understanding the customers, well management of supply chain and foreseeing the future are significant issues for the success of companies.

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