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Digital Is Upon Us, We Need To Embrace It 

Digitopia believes that digital will enable a better world. For this purpose, we get up every morning and work the hardest we can, to help great companies to succeed with their digital transformation journey.

On 27th February Digitopia launched a new event series in Istanbul. Based on Digitopia’s Digital Maturity Index dimensions, in 2020 we will run six consecutive events. The first event was focused on “customer experience” which is probably the hottest topic of “digital transformation”.

When Alice asked the cat not knowing where she would like to go, the cat replied: “Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.”

Best Digital Future For Your Organization

You should have a clear vision of the best possible digital future for your organization. As much as goal setting, it is equally important to know where you are. Digitopia has created a very comprehensive and detailed “Digital Maturity Index” to analyze the current state of any given organization. On a scale from 0 (equals beginner) to 5 (equals digital) you will get a detailed score, showing your strengths and weaknesses.


We hosted experts and leaders in customer experience, facilitated a lively discussion on the importance of the topic, presented three cases from a university, a tire manufacturer and car manufacturer. Among the guests were more than 20 c-level executives from more than 8 different industries.

We ran two workshop sessions. During the first, the participants analyzed a persona, with the assumption to be able to collect any kind of customer data and improve the experience accordingly. In the second session, the participants worked on a new value proposition for this persona and designed a business model around it. This was quite innovative and taught the executives to think outside the conventional boundaries of their respective industries and well-established business models.

Digital Enables New Ways Of Reaching The Client

Digital is not just about being connected or going online. Digital is disrupting industries, business models and conventional value chains. Digital enables new ways of reaching the client, eliminating friction from the process.

Digitopia’s Services

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin said this for living organisms. But most probably it is very true for companies and institutions, since they are supposed to be living organisms as well.


Meaningful Customer Experience Is No Easy Victory


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