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Digital Maturity Explained: Ignite your Digital Journey.

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Digital is here to stay. Working from home, e-commerce, resilient supply chains, and innovative new ways to delight consumers have all flourished during the COVID-19 lockdowns. This pandemic has proved to the whole world just how unprepared most companies and industries have been. You must ignite your digital journey. Digital born companies were much luckier and some of them had tripled or even quadrupled their market values and their customer bases within a few months.

Where are you, in terms of digital? How would you judge your digital capabilities? Is your business model future proof? Do you know your customers? Do you know their expectations? How integrated are you with your key suppliers? How flexible are you in terms of switching them?

These days we all have so many questions! But, there is one simple answer: Digital is the cure for most of the above. Digital gives you superpowers in terms of connectivity, intelligence, agility and experience. Digital will help you grow in revenue, streamline cost, delight customers and integrate with suppliers, no matter the industry.

We have provided insight into the six dimensions of our digital maturity index, which looks at the overall digital maturity of your business. If you approach digital correctly, your business will benefit from it tremendously.

linking digitalDigital maturity will help you to reconnect with your customers; better, faster, cheaper, more intensly, and most importantly with more relevance. The results will be stunning.

Digital maturity will guide you to reboot your operations; streamline flows, integrate value chains, cut out all inefficiencies and delays, and become frictionless. The gains will be mind blowing.

Digital maturity will enable you to rebuild your people; develop the required capabilities, create an employer brand, and shift the way of working. Your workplace will be revolutionised.

Digital maturity will push you to reset your technology; deploy the best applications, run a rock-solid infrastructure, and provide the highest quality of data and tools. Your users will love you.

Digital maturity will motivate you to reignite your innovation; execute the best ideas, expand your ecosystem reach, and allow a culture of experimentation. The value added will be tremendous.

Digital maturity will support you to reimagine your governance; optimize financials, better monitor performance, align and lead your teams along the digital journey. It will make a huge difference.

Starting point

Digital transformation is a long and difficult journey. You will experience a lot of excitement, but also many challenges, setbacks, difficulties, and shortcomings. You have to stay on course. If your strategy is right, your goals are noble, your teams are aligned, and your roadmap is well designed, success will be yours.

To know where you are and define where you need to go, we enable you to determine the actions you need to take. Digitopia’s Digital Maturity Index tells you your digital maturity score and helps you align your team around future targets. Obviously, there will be a gap, which needs to be bridged.

action areas

Digital transformation is inevitable. Digital transformation is a long journey. Digital transformation is a team sport. You manage what you measure. Leaders know their score. Ignite your digital journey.


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