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How Does Your Company Compare?


Digitopia’s Digital Maturity Index (DMI) assesses a company’s digital maturity across six dimensions: Governance, Innovation, Technology, Customer Experience, Operations, and People.

DMI gives you a clear view of where you are on your digital journey and what you should do to improve. It is the most comprehensive digital maturity assessment approach on the market, covering the 6 dimensions stated above and 24 components within each dimension. The assessment is conducted to your company’s executives with workshops facilitated by industry expert Digitopia consultants. In the workshops, executives fruitfully discuss and score your maturity level across a set of components. 

The output is: 

  • Your company’s digital maturity score (overall and across 6 dimensions) and an explanation of what each score represents.
  • The benchmark of your scores against other companies.
  • Observations and recommendations across every dimension pointing out your strengths and areas of improvement.
  • A list of initiatives to improve your score broken down by dimension, importance, urgency, and resource need.
  • Try our DMI Self-Assessment Survey to determine your company’s perceived digital maturity.