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Digital Maturity Webinar Series: Operations, Rebooted

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Digital Maturity Webinar Series: Operations, Rebooted.

Imagine an insurance product development department using tools that consider customer demographics, geography, even weather conditions and wider governmental relations to accurately shape and personalize offerings to customers – with a 99% confidence level.

This is just one example of what can be possible with digital excellence in operations.
Excellence in digital leads to operational excellence through effective initiatives. These initiatives are performed with experienced guidance.

Regardless of the industry, operations is the business dimension that correlates to an institution’s productivity.

Digitopia’s Mark Walker-Smith and Emir Saricali will talk about achieving digital operational excellence in your company’s foundation, channels, processes, analytics, and more.  Joined by digital development executive Robin Peters and Grant Thornton’s Head of Digital Hesus Inoma, this webinar will discuss digital maturity research topics within the financial services industry, automation, paper elimination, data flow, and many other operational essentials.
It is proven that operational excellence reduces costs, boost customer satisfaction and increase employee productivity. How does your company compare?

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