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Digitopia Webinar Series

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Digital Maturity: Customers, Reconnected

Digital Maturity supercharges customer excellence

How organizations engage with their customers and the experiences they provide are more important now than ever, especially in the Retail space – as the digital age continues to accelerate and change existing markets, organizations are transforming, evolving and redefining their strategies to adapt to new trends and market demands that are being driven by customer preferences.

happy customerIn this fast-paced world, digital maturity is a key measure in the definition, alignment and execution of corporate strategy to achieve better customer engagement, customer experience and customer satisfaction whilst considering competency across culture, people, processes, technology and innovation. As part of our Digital Excellence series, our DMI: Customers, Reconnected webinar will address these topics as Halil Aksu (Digitopia Managing Partner), Mark Walker-Smith (Head of EMEA) and Ollie Sheerin (Customer Intelligence Advisor at SAS) discuss the role and increased importance of digital maturity assessment in supporting organizations to better understand how they are positioned and where they need to go in relation to their digital strategies, their competition in the market and their customer-centric initiatives and measures.

Digital maturity assessment offers critical insights about key data and drivers in the organization, allowing advanced analytics to turn it into meaningful ‘real world’ information that is capable of creating significant new value and new, rich experiences for customers.

How does your company compare? Join us to find out.

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