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Extraordinary Times Require Preparedness: Digital Is Inevitable!

Have you ever experienced days like these? It’s likely that only people who have experienced war or very localized medical emergencies know what it is to not be able to leave home or even just go to work.

All of us needed to prepare a “plan B” due to the global pandemic. These are really strange times. Most of us think we are prepared, some of us have contingency plans, but usually we get caught in a circumstance not previously thought of. As “COVID-19” shows us again…

Schools need to close, cafes and pubs are closed, theatres and venues locked down, even some or most of the shops are closed because nobody is out there anyway. However, e-commerce is working, the internet is working, delivery services are working, life somehow goes on…

Digital Transformation In The Schooling System

Digital transformation in the schooling system has been discussed for at least the last 20 years. Some countries have progressed, most not. Pupils teach themselves on Youtube or similar on Science and various academic subjects or other personal hobbies they have been involved with for many years. Khan Academy is one of the most prominent examples of e-learning on the planet and has grown in a few short years to support millions of students every day.

All Consumers Are Switching To E- Commerce

Is e-commerce a blessing or a curse? Depends which industry you are in and how digitally mature you are. But Amazon just announced that they will hire another 100,000 people during the pandemic crisis, because all consumers are switching to e-commerce these days, because they are afraid of going out and getting infected.

Companies have sent their staff home to protect their health and their overall business sustainability. But how can they be sure that people are working effectively at home? Not everybody is used to video conferencing or digital collaboration. Not everybody has the required infrastructure. Will this become the de facto standard? BYOD was a hot topic 10 years ago. Now it is crucial that you are connected in many ways. It will also be considered a business and team requirement.

The Healthcare System Is Crucial

The healthcare system is – and must be – up and running, especially during unprecedented and difficult days as the ones we are experiencing currently. The digital infrastructure in hospitals and the whole healthcare system is crucial, however a lot more could be done through tele-medicine, remote diagnosis, online services and even more innovative ways to diagnose, treat and heal people.

What we are not talking at all about is the very basic infrastructure of our civilization, which we just take for granted, such as electricity, landline and mobile communication, news and media, the internet, basic logistic and transportation systems. Many heroes are running those systems and they are quite resilient as these challenging days show again.

This is a very good example of maturity. Industries which have evolved over the last two centuries are much more resilient, much more efficient, much more optimized and much more integrated than any others.

We don’t talk about the energy grid. It just works. But that’s anything other than trivial.

The internet is going through a real stress test these days as more people connect to it and consume more bandwidth than any time before. It just works. As you are reading this right now, it still works. That’s great for us all … but it’s anything other than trivial…

Turning to digital is not just about a mobile app or e-commerce or industry 4.0 gadgets. Enabling technologies are essential but not sufficient. There is much more to digital transformation than “cool techy projects” …

What Is A True Digital Transformation?

An enterprise is bigger than just technology or digitalizing a few processes. What about decisions, budget, leadership? What about people, skills, culture? What about new ideas, innovation, ecosystems? An enterprise is a living organism with a mesh network of dynamic building blocks. All of them need to be aligned, all of them need to become connected, all of them need to become smarter than today. That’s true digital transformation.

If you would like to get a glimpse on how digital you are and how prepared you are for severe days like these, feel free to run our self-assessment survey and get a complimentary report. We’re looking forward to guiding your digital journey and wish you the best of luck.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay curious.


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