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How Do We Deliver DMI Service?


1. Kicking off the engagement

  • The Kick-Off meeting sets the stage for the whole work.
  • It clarifies the objectives, expectations, and outcomes; ensures leadership support.

2. Analysis Sessions

  • 6 sessions – one for each DMI dimension- are run. Each takes 3 hours. A total of 120 topics are discussed.
  • People who are responsible for, knowledgeable about or impacted by the topics participate.
  • Expert consultants facilitate discussions to foster understanding, alignment and establishment of a shared vision.
  • Analyses cover the company’s current state, past state and future targets.
  • DMI structure remains the same; topics are crafted based on the industry and the business model.

3. Scorecard & Priorities

  • The Scorecard reveals the company’s digital maturity.
  • It includes a comparison against other companies.
  • While displaying the past maturity level and progress, it also shows the target maturity level and gap between current state and the target state.
  • Prioritised recommendations to bridge the gaps are presented.

4. Roadmap, Executive Decisions & Progress Update

  • Current portfolio and DMI recommendations blend into an overall Digital Transformation roadmap.
  • Executive decisions regarding budget, capacity and target identify priorities.
  • Critical success factors and executive advice are provided.

If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

We look forward to a great partnership.

May the digital forces be with you.

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