How music became digital. Forever.


Music is a very ancient form of entertainment. We like to express our feelings by shouting, clapping, crying, and telling about our fears, dreams, and desires. I guess even ancient cave people were singing and dancing because of their sorrow, happiness, excitement, and so forth.

Over the years music developed a lot. Drums, harps, string instruments, groups, orchestras, symphonies, and so forth. Ever louder, ever wider, ever more exciting music. With electricity, telephony and other modern achievements, music also became more electrified every day. Than came the computers and electronic music. What a twist. Music changed forever.

Gramophone, record player, music cassette, CD, DVD, MP3 and many other inventions made music much more accessible, much more wide spread and turned it slowly but surely into digital. With Napster and other MP3 exchange services the music world was never as before.

As Apple introduced the ipod and the itunes store for music, the paradigm change once again. Now; music was completely digital. Even the production of most of the music became digital. But for sure, most of the consumption of music became digital. The business model changed from buying a whole LP or CD, to buying just the pieces you liked, one by one.

But then came SPOTIFY. Now, service changed into a service, the business model changed into a subscription. If you like, for life time. Wow. Now you just pay a few bucks and have access to all of the worlds music. How cool is that.

Millions of songs, all genres, all artists, all day, anywhere, any device, any time. Listen as much as you can. All in the cloud, somewhere on the planet. Who cares, as long as my mobile has energy, as long as my earphones are on, the show can go on.

Now music is all digital. The digital transformation of music has been completed.

But having all the worlds music in the cloud and making it available thru a nice app is a major achievement. But it’s just half of the story. What else is important? Something much more critical has become fully digital.

Spotify keeps track of all their users all their consumption. Imagine all that data…

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A retailer just knows who bought, when and where you bought, what you bought, with what you paid. At best, you might share on social media your emotions regarding the music title you just bought and mention the retailer. So they think you liked it, you listen to the music, and enjoy it, and may buy the whole series of the artist.

Which might not be true. Because you might have given the CD to a friend as a gift. Of you just like on track of the whole CD and don’t like any of the other songs, even don’t like the artist. Just because of that one song…

Spotify knows everything about your music preferences. Which genre, what time of the day, which day of the week, what type of weather, on which device, at what location, how loud, device in your hand, or connected to external loudspeakers, or not. Think of how much you use Spotify and than think again…

This is the power of digital.

First, you digitalize all the content and give access to as many users as possible.

Second, you analyze all the usage data to optimize the experience, predict the next song to play and make the user fall in love with your service. What do you want more.

Similar happened with the book, digitalizing into the e-book and changing into a subscription model. The whole film industry is changing into digital, video on demand and even digital subscriptions, which champion all of us knows very well. Again most important is your ability to analyze all the data you are able to collect in a very precise and granular manner.

Now, imagine this for the car industry. Imagine similar business models for machinery equipment. And many more.

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