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TecnoSuperiore Accelerates Their Digital Transformation with Digitopia

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Merging technology with a strong Italian design concept, TecnoSuperiore is one of the largest major appliance manufacturers in Italy. This month, CEO and co-founder Halil Aksu and CEO of TecnoSuperiore, Serdar Saner met to establish a partnership that will skyrocket TecnoSuperiore’s digital transformation.

While embellishing kitchens all around the world with brands like Superiore, Smalvic, Tecnogas, and Ardesia brands, TecnoSuperiore thinks that digital transformation is one of the most important items on their business agenda.

Serdar Saner, CEO of TecnoSuperiore, who will work with Digitopia on the digital transformation journey, expressed his thoughts on the cooperation when he came to visit Digitopia’s Istanbul office as such: “Digital Transformation is very important to us because it will leverage our competitiveness, increase our customer’s experience, and ignite our operational excellence journey. We wanted to choose a visionary and pragmatic companion with global experience. When we crossed paths with Digitopia, it was obvious that they’ll add value to our organisation. We immediately started working to accelerate our digital journey.”

“Securing Their Success in the Digital World Will be Our Main Business”

Halil Aksu continues to lead Digitopia’s to Europe, saying “Italy has become the eleventh country to join in our global growth adventure in 2021. Many thanks to Serdar, who believes in our competency to fulfill their digital dreams. Our main goal is to guide TecnoSuperiore’s digital journey and ensure their success in the digital world. It will certainly be a very enjoyable and value-added co-operation.”

TecnoSuperiore has been operating successfully since 1952 as a major appliance manufacturer, proven by its product quality, design competencies, widespread distribution network, and very high customer satisfaction. With the vision of CEO Serdar Saner, TecnoSuperiore aims to open new markets, increase operational efficiency, move customer experience further, and by integrating and simplifying their processes, provide new digital experiences to customers and increase the productivity of employees.

Digital transformation affects every company. Those who act consciously will prevail, others will disappear. Under the leadership of Serdar Saner, TecnoSuperiore has made a very important decision and taken a very conscious step on this journey. After that, they will move on to success on this journey with very firm steps and Digitopia will be right by their side.

About Digitopia

The need for digital transformation has now become the undisputed reality of all companies. Being able to successfully make this transformation will determine the future of companies in the upcoming years. This is exactly where Digitopia comes in. With the new generation of management consulting approaches, Digitopia is there to make sure that digital transformation has been adopted by all company employees, to accelerate the transformation and achieve success.

Digitopia contributes to the transformation of many companies in Turkey thanks to its Digital Maturity Index platform, which has been established with undisputed industry and consulting experience. In addition to groups such as Sabancı Holding and Kibar Holding, many national and international enterprises, professional organizations such as TÜSİAD and TAYSAD, and scientific research institutions such as TÜBİTAK cooperate with Digitopia.

About TecnoSuperiore

TecnoSuperiore Group, under the brands of Superiore, Smalvic, Tecnogas, Ardesia, has been specialized in the production of large kitchen appliances built and independent. TecnoSuperiore’s mission is to bring a renewed Italian spirit to the world.

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