Ecosystem Orchestrator

We are continuously launching projects on creative ideas related to businesses we serve, including platforms, communities and events.

Ecosystem Orchestrator is the person who gets the responsibility of managing these on-going efforts with our customers, start-ups, universities and research institutes.

(S)he needs to identify and evaluate new companies and new technologies, looking for start-ups, universities and partners that could represent new strategic partnerships to achieve our ambitious goals.

As a skillset, (s)he needs to have:

  • Strong relationship building and management skills to build and manage relationship with key stakeholders like internal business teams, universities, regulators etc.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
    • Expect to talk with start-ups and partners, explore their business, and discover if there’s overlap between their customers and our customers
    • Socialize with internal teams to understand their priorities, their growth areas, and the needs of their customers.
    • Speak with customers to gauge their attitudes towards start-ups and how new technology could dramatically change the way they do business
    • Be flexible, review and revert on decisions and leverage written and visual communication skills and conceive new styles of engagement and delivery
  • Stellar research skills
    • Identify technology or market trends, and the companies that are on that trend
    • Research the start-up’s financials, including investment, sales, and cash flow
  • Strong organizational skills
    • Conduct and/or participate in events.
    • Craft hackathons, meet ups to inspire, validate and communicate use cases and projects to our internal and external stakeholders

If you want to work @digitopia, please send us an email to , stating below points, don’t forget to attach your CV as well.

  • Why did you choose us?
  • Which location would you like to work in? Why?
  • Why Digitopia may need you?