Management Consultants

Management consultants provide business advice to public, private and not-for-profit organisations. This usually involves helping them solve a challenge of some kind, such as how to grow their business, how to make it more efficient or how to organise and structure itself in a different way.

We focus on digital transformation.

Working on client site away from your office is a possibility, while hours are varied and often depend on the project.

Tasks can be varied. You might be involved in conducting research, analysing and interpreting data or be responsible for organising the logistics of the project. As you develop and progress, you might be involved in contributing to report writing which uses statistical evidence to support recommendations and conclusions, or support the creation of slide decks to deliver key messages to clients. You might also become more focused on a particular type of service offering (strategy, innovation, design, culture, change, etc.) or industry (retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, insurance, automotive, etc.).

A competent Management Consultant will meet the following requirements:

Knowledge: Business Environment

What is required: Know the different industry sectors, the types of organisations within these sectors, and how a management consultancy can support their needs

Knowledge: Management Consultancy Business

What is required: Know how a consultancy typically works, how it manages relationships with its clients, and understand the ethical considerations it operates under

Knowledge: Business Finances

What is required: Know key financial ratios and performance indicators (such as balance sheets and cash flow forecasts) that are necessary to effectively assess an organisation’s financial health

Knowledge: Project Management

What is required: Know how a project moves through its lifecycle of planning, design, development, testing, deployment and evaluation. Know what risks and issues are and how to report and monitor them to project and client teams

The below skills will be acquired and demonstrated, through a process of continuous self-improvement, in a changing and sometimes pressured environment.

Skills Required
Communication Skills

Speak and write clearly, influence others, actively listen, question effectively and structure conversations. Support or run meetings and clearly present a point of view to audiences. Communicate appropriately through a variety of channels and platforms

Team Working Skills

Work effectively within a group environment made up of different personality types. Be aware of one’s own and other people’s emotions and use this understanding to guide decisions

Business Analysis

Use a range of tools and methodologies to help analyse an organisation (such as SWOT analysis). Undertake qualitative and quantitative research

Relationship Building

Build rapport and trust, maintain relationships once they are built and be able to repair them when they are damaged

Personal Management

Manage time effectively and prioritise workloads. Take time to reflect on project successes and learn from failure. Maintain good health and energy through a work / life balance

Project Management

Plan, organise and manage resources in order to achieve set goals. Help create objectives at the start of a project, support the development and implementation of project plans and help monitor progress. Proactively identify risks and issues and help create action plans to address these.

IT Technical Capabilities

Be able to assist in the creation of reports, word processed documents, spreadsheets, slide decks for presentation and software for project management. These are the most prominent, though there are others depending on the consultancy

Report Writing

Help produce reports that clearly present recommendations for change using a range of qualitative information and numerical data

The below behaviours will be developed and exhibited, while adhering to high standards of quality.

Behaviours Required

Reflect the expected behaviours of the organisation, project and client teams. Be tactful and discreet with sensitive information and protect confidentiality


Frequently seek and act upon feedback, reflect on performance and have a desire for learning


Be flexible to the needs of the project (working times and locations). Be open minded and able to work with a range of different people

Adherence to Legal and Ethical Frameworks

Work within legal and ethical frameworks to protect all stakeholders, including the client, from reputational damage

Progression Levels

We envision that every Digitopian can progress through a self-improvement journey and delivers value to our stakeholders.


If you are a fresh university graduate or post graduate or a senior in college with an outstanding passion to change the world, and you accomplished achievements in your school life which resulted in significant impact on the applied organization, then you are an apprentice.

During your apprenticeship, you will accomplish 2-3 achievements in digital transformation projects which you will be an essential part of.


If you have experience in 1 or 2 specific industries, you worked in 2-3 end-to-end business transformation projects with significant roles, then you are a journeyman.

During your journeyman period in Digitopia, you will have impact on organizations with at least 3 end-to-end digital transformation projects.


You are an expert in at least 1 or 2 industries, with specific process and management knowledge. You successfully completed at least 5 end-to-end digital transformation projects with a leading role in at least 3 of them.

You show leadership skills, deliver value by means of creativity and applied principles. Developing teams is an essential part of your duties, attracting and retaining talent via living our core values. You are the future leader of a business line.

Grand Master

Your team(s) delivered significant impact on your past clients’ business performance. You show transformational leadership capabilities. You are a recognized leader in your industry and a frequently invited keynote speaker in your expertise area.

As grand master, you are part of Digitopia leadership team. You change the realities of industries and/or business models. You envision the digital future.

You are expert on 1 or more of these areas:

 Digital Transformation
 Business Strategy
 Program Management
 Culture & Change
 Design & Innovation

You are expert in 1 or more of these industries:

 Retail
 Consumer Goods
 Manufacturing
 Insurance
 Automotive
 Don’t hesitate to apply if you have expertise in other industries.

Apply for one of these locations:

o London
o Istanbul
o Dubai
o Shanghai

If you want to work, please send us an email to , stating below points, don’t forget to attach your CV as well.

• Why did you choose us?
• Which role you want to pursue? Why?
• Which industries are you an expert in? How?
• Which location would you like to work in? Why?
• Why Digitopia may need you?