Senior Consulting Manager

Are you ready for your lifetime challenge?

We are not just looking for a new colleague. Every Digitopian enters a new world, our world.

Curious? Do you think you are special? Do you believe you are above average passionate and determined? Do you bring extensive experience, a track record of extraordinary achievements, and a certain reputation in the market? Then, we have to talk.

The future is digital!

We are trusted advisors to many great companies on their digital journeys. Our passion and focus help businesses succeed. Digitopia is an objective and independent management consulting firm driven by values and delivering tangible impact.

Our daily and weekly rhythm is; do talk to executives, meet with start-ups, do extensive research, create genuine ideas, compile authentic content, and convince boards to change their minds.

We are looking for a new “very senior journeyman” Digitopian to join as Senior Consulting Manager.

Business Requirements

  • Familiar with consumer goods, manufacturing or retail; and their business dynamics.
  • Having extensive consulting skills; to manage client relations, do research on specific business issues, create solutions and strategies in a team, prepare convincing presentations, and lead convincing delivery teams in front of the client.
  • Knowledge and experience with the key financial ratios and performance indicators (such as balance sheets, annual reports, due diligence reports) that are necessary to effectively understand the business vitality of a given client.
  • Working knowledge of project moves through its lifecycle of planning, design, development, testing, deployment, and evaluation.
  • Ability to foresight about the risks and problems that may occur while the project is going on, and having the ability to report and monitor them
  • Excellent in the creation of reports, word-processed documents, spreadsheets, slide decks for presentation, and software for project management.


  • Be part or lead teams to formulate digital strategies in client assignments.
  • Be part or lead teams in digital maturity work, digital readiness and awareness studies.
  • Plan, manage and execute projects, programs, and roadmaps mostly for digital transformation engagement for clients.
  • Design, prepare and facilitate workshops and meetings, with client or internally.
  • Checking organization health thru interviews, surveys, meetings and workshop.
  • Creation of reports for client engagement, research studies or internal assignments.
  • Identify and develop strategic business needs and digital requirements for clients.
  • Research benchmarks and best practices for certain industries or business issues.


  • Bachelor’s or Masters’ degree with an excellent academic record; advanced degree preferred; extracurricular activities highly appreciated.
  • Completed at least 3 end-to-end digital transformation projects with a leading role in at least 1 of them. (Including cultural transformation approach is appreciated)
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral that supports understanding, problem-solving, influencing and even convincing.
  • Works effectively with different personality types.
  • Flexible for travelling and working with diverse environments and diverse groups.
  • Able to use a range of tools for qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to help analysis.
  • Crafting survey and implementation experience is an advantage.
  • Highly self-managed, punctual, and extremely productive; and still enjoying work.

Does this sound familiar? Is this you? Then we must talk. Please apply by providing your cover letter, answering following questions:

  • Why you? Why should we choose you as a Digitopian?
  • Why us? What made you read this ad to the tale end and even apply?
  • Please read our culture page. What do you think about that? How and why do you fit?

And in addition, please share your detailed profile with us, especially highlight the relevant education, experiences, achievements we should consider understanding your passion.

If you want to work, please send us an email to , stating below points, don’t forget to attach your CV as well.

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