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Perfect Timing for DMI at Borusan Otomotiv

Borusan Otomotiv CDOBorusan Otomotiv is Turkey’s distributor of premium brands, including BMW, MINI, BMW Motorrad, Jaguar, and Land Rover, with a well-deserved reputation in the global automotive market,  Borusan Otomotiv Group operates in the premium car segment with its four companies; Borusan Otomotiv Ithalat, BorusanOtomotiv Pazarlama, Borusan Oto and Borusan Otomotiv Premium with the vision of being the first choice and pioneer company in the premium automobile and motorcycle segment.

Borusan Otomotiv began its digital transformation journey in 2018 and pursued radical improvements with the hiring of the Chief Digital Officer for the group. In 2020, Borusan Otomotiv decided to move forward with a digital maturity assessment to get at an outside in perspective on their digital journey along with getting a better understanding of what can be done differently. It was also critical to get a sense of the digital maturity level in Turkey and see the positioning of Borusan Otomotiv.

Borusan Otomotiv chose to work with Digitopia.  The Digital Maturity Assessment was sponsored by Hakan Tiftik, CEO of Borusan Otomotiv Group, and reflected a strong commitment for change and improvement.  A total of 6 sessions with over 20 managers and employers for each session was conducted in November /December timeline in 2020.

The sessions were led by Digitopia’s Sr. Consulting Manager Emir Sarıcalı, who helped the Borusan Otomotiv  Team align over the 6 dimensions – people, operations, customer experience, innovation, governance, and technology. These sessions were compared with the progress made over the last 2 years as well as with the aim of where the group wanted to go in the next 2 years.

The results were welcomed by all those involved in the assessment and boosted their motivation and energy to take the new priorities forward.

Aslı de Munnink, Borusan Otomotiv’s CDO, commented as “The timing of the DMI was perfect. It was great to see the results and the impact of our work done against the benchmark in Turkey. The recommendations provided by Digitopia were closely aligned to the culture and digital ambition we have in our group.   We know we still have a way to go but having this assessment resulted in further alignment and drive for our journey forward.”

About Borusan Otomotiv: 

Borusan Otomotiv was founded in 1984 with the partnership between Borusan Holding and Giwa Holding – Germany, as the Turkish distributor of BMW. With the addition of BMW Motorrad in 1992, Land Rover in 1998, MINI in 1999 and Jaguar in 2014; the variety of premium brands of Borusan Otomotiv has expanded.


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