Digital age is changing the way the business innovates. Once upon a time, when we were to flip the pages of an encyclopedia to gather information about a topic, now all we need is to punch a keyword to google. Hence the speed of “getting smarter” i.e. accessing data is dramatically faster.

Same goes for the cost of accessing data. Before digitization, to access data was based on multidiscipline and sectors from production to logistics, printing to sales whereas now, most of the information, which equals to terabytes of data, is generated and accessible online within milliseconds by utilizing a few disciplines.

In his book, The Digital Transformation Playbook, David Rogers, worldwide known expert in digital transformation, shows that “digital transformation Is not about updating technology but about upgrading your thinking”. According to Rogers, businesses need to rethink their existing approach and operating model in five domains, innovation being one of them. Customers, Competition, Data, Innovation and Value should be the five big focus areas for either new or existing companies if they want to thrill and/or survive in this digital era.

As Roger, also out highlights……

To learn more about Roger’s….

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