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To achieve your goals, you need to have a clearly defined strategy moving forward. Strategy is about winning. So, you need to determine in which areas and against whom you want to win. Once this is done wisely, a comprehensive roadmap will help you to execute this strategy.

Our experts guide you during strategy setting and roadmap development. They provide you insights, methodologies and templates to streamline the process and avoid most common obstacles and pitfalls.

Together we will design your digital success story.

Together we will determine your digital progress.

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Why should you choose Digitopia’s
DSR (Digital Strategy & Roadmap) service?

  • Digitopia’s team has a unique combination of business and technology understanding.
  • Proven track record of successful strategy work delivered and executed successfully.
  • Deep industry knowledge and experience brings a long-term view to the exercises.
  • Pragmatic approach, practical advice, focused on execution and your business success.
  • We are independent and objective, so is our advice for you to follow.

What will you get from Digitopia’s DSR service?

Digital Strategy & Roadmap Report
  • Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Digital Transformation Feasibility
  • Optional:
    • Digital Transformation Architecture
    • Digital Transformation Organization
    • Digital Transformation Change Approach
Executive Briefing Presentation
  • Summary presented to executive management
  • Confirmation of results and recommendations
  • Decisions how to proceed and succeed

Your benefits from Digitopia’s DSR service?

  • Detailed strategy document and executable roadmap document
  • Clear direction, priorities, objectives and set of initiatives to focus on
  • Critical success factors and pragmatic advice to overcome obstacles for execution
  • Become part of a larger, cross-industry, multi-national network
  • Informative and result-oriented workshops regarding digital transformation
  • Achieve mutual understanding and tangible excitement within the organization

Our customers include:

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Digitopia’s Digital Strategy & Roadmap service approach?

There are so many reasons to turn to digital and leverage its superpowers. But you must use them wisely, place your bets accordingly, and align the whole organization behind the same vision and objectives. Easier said than done…

Digitopia’s structured approach, experienced team, and humble way of working, will excite and engage your people. Executives will actively engage during workshops and mutual agreement on objectives and priorities will be reached rapidly.

Then it’s upper management’s duty to decide how much, where and when to invest, organize the right talent, sponsor difficult decisions, and let them run the transformation.

This service usually takes 10 to 12 weeks to be completed, depending on the size and complexity of the organization, and assuming the timely organization of workshops and meetings. Detailed engagement plan will be provided alongside the proposal, so planning can be done prior to kick-off for smooth execution.

Together we will determine your digital progress

If you want to learn more about our “Digital Strategy and Roadmap”, understand the methodology, see sample deliverables,
and realize the impact we provide, please dive deeper for more details.

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