What gets measured gets managed.

By cultivating a brainstorming environment with the participation of colleagues from all departments, our awareness of digital transformation was maximized. Akcoat determined its digital maturity level objectively by scoring the company thanks to the excellent support and methodology Digitopia provided to Akcoat.

Who is Akcoat?

Akcoat has been operating globally for almost half a century in five different product groups; these are enamel, ceramic, glass, non-stick & decorative coatings, and pigment. It is the world’s second-largest enamel coating manufacturer and exports to more than 65 countries.

The company has two production facilities in Spain and Turkey. Also, three subsidiaries are located in the USA, China, Mexico, and has teams located in ten different countries around the world. Its biggest market is China, and the USA comes in second. 

Akcoat is a global solution partner of a wide range of manufacturers such as white goods, small household appliances, building materials, architectural solutions, kitchenware, and telecommunication. The signature of Akcoat can be seen on many products that are used in almost all residential and commercial spaces that make daily life easier.


Akcoat journey, your works, your goals.

In Veysi Kucuk’s own words…

Akcoat has a great success story as one of the world's leading companies in the coating sector. My goal is to raise this flag higher and take the global leadership. 

Our company allocates significant resources to R&D, marketing, and talent management. To support this, we encourage all the colleagues to internalize the corporate values and to recruit candidates who are volunteers to be a part of this success story.

Akcoat’s product portfolio expands gradually by developing new technologies in different fields. All Akcoat’s strategies are shaped around the goals of riveting its global structure and moving it forward.


Project Background

While planning such a comprehensive process like “digitalisation”, which directly affects all the structures and activities of organizations, we aimed to understand where we are in this field with the idea that “what gets measured gets managed”. Afterwards, we began working with Digitopia to seek answers to our questions together with our consultant.

By cultivating a brainstorming environment with the participation of colleagues from all departments, our awareness of digital transformation was maximized. Akcoat determined its digital maturity level objectively by scoring the company thanks to the excellent support and methodology Digitopia provided to Akcoat. This evaluation and the roadmap prepared have been a very valuable guide to Akcoat.

Downloadable Resources

Akcoat Success Story - In Short


Benefits of Digital Maturity Index

Thanks to the digital maturity study, Akcoat has clarified some fuzzy concepts from its own perspective.  While determining the company’s pros and cons, both in the past and today, Akcoat also determined its future goals and decided where it wants to go, which is called AkRoad. I believe that for a successful strategy all steps need to be fed with the right data and information, implemented with sufficient and correct resources, and constantly reviewed. In this direction, Akcoat prepared its two-year digitalization project plan, which aims to bring Akcoat to its strategic goals quickly.

Our people-dimension score according to the digital maturity index is above average, thanks to our collaborative team culture. In this context, I can say that the most important anecdote in the process is the adoption of the team understanding that supports each other in every sense, from leadership teams to junior employees. One of the most important points in Akcoat's digital maturity level measurement was the awareness of all leaders about their strengths and development areas with great sincerity and openness.


From now on...

Akcoat has launched a cultural change project. What do we mean by the concept of cultural change? People and culture are at the center of its strategy. Akcoat’s human resources will be the mainstay of re-evaluating the company’s corporate culture and performance in digital transformation as it is not possible to implement any strategy without starting from this point. Currently, the company’s goal is to proceed step by step in the direction of the guide we prepared as a result of the digital maturity test and to adapt to the requirements of the changing world with up-to-date plans compatible with new conditions. At first, Akcoat will focus on multi-dimensionally applicable and achievable improvement targets in line with the sectors in which we operate.

Akcoat as a global one-stop solution partner will provide cost-effective and customer-oriented services that create more added value with digital catalogues, AR-supported product designs and online fast technical services. Those services, catalogues and other marketing activities will be measured and analyzed by experience management to increase valued and memorable customer interactions.

One of the requirements of a customer-oriented company is to have demand forecasting management, so we started to make improvements in the system by taking it as our priority.

It was one of the first areas the company acted because of the critical importance of the achievements here for Akcoat. 

The long-term goals of the company are to raise the bar for innovation in the industry. That’s why Akcoat is always working on disruptive innovations such as AI-supported product formulations, digital twins and product development, automation and IoT applications and their analysis. 

Digitalization of our business will help us to improve the efficiency of our process, consistency, and quality to sustain a one-stop solution partner vision with a long-term strategy.

In order to sum up this conversation in one sentence: “what gets measured gets managed”.

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