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How Does Your Company Compare?

  Digitopia’s Digital Maturity Index (DMI) assesses a company’s digital maturity across six dimensions: Governance, Innovation, Technology, Customer Experience, Operations, and People. DMI gives you a...

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Why Digital Transformation Requires Leadership? 

When we talk about transformation, we mean true transformation. And this implies that many difficult decisions will be taken, many traditional flows and habits...

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What Pandemic Has Taught Us About Digital ROI

The return on investment (ROI) of digital transformation has been a long-lasting discussion. After all, not all projects yield revenue right away. This risks...

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Don’t Carry "Covid-19 Impact" Too Far

Due to the pandemic, since March 2020 a lot of knowledge workers are working from home. But there is a variance to the usual...

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Operational Excellence

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we have been living for about 4 months, and it will change the world economy as well....

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“The Better Normal” Will Be Created by Us

The COVID-19 pandemic brings unprecedented change to all of us individually, organizationally, nationally, and even globally. The world and humanity will be vastly different...

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