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Banking Is Here to Stay; Yet, Not in the Same Old Way

New Models in Financial Services Customers continue to demand great value, high-quality experiences, and fast delivery solutions in an increasingly dynamic environment. This poses...

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Financial Services Industry DMI Research

Banks, insurers, and other FSI players have invested heavily in automation and digital transformation over the last decades. Hence, Digital Transformation may sound “so...

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The 5 Keys to Digital Loyalty Program Success

As our Digital Maturity Index service demonstrates, digital maturity has many levels. A digital loyalty program is one of many tools at the heart...

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Digital Maturity Webinar Series: Innovation, Reignited

Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry How do you foresee urban mobility in the future? What future trends are carmakers interested in? What will...

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Digital Maturity Explained: Operations, Rebooted.

The industrial revolution has brought us our modern civilization. From cars to planes, from fast fashion to foldable furniture, from beach holiday resorts to cat videos – these...

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Why Do Digital Transformations Fail?

Is there a recipe to avoid failure in digital transformation? Tony Saldanha, the author of Why Digital Transformations Fail: the Surprising Disciplines of How...

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