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How Does Your Company Compare?

  Digitopia’s Digital Maturity Index (DMI) assesses a company’s digital maturity across six dimensions: Governance, Innovation, Technology, Customer Experience, Operations, and People. DMI gives you a...

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Can Digital Transformation Be a Team Sport?

Very often we meet lonely executives, who complain about their difficulties in running their company’s digital transformation. These difficulties are very diverse. They can...

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“The Better Normal” requires Better Thinking

We have to come to an end. It is not enough to write, read and talk about the new circumstances that have resulted from...

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Crises forcefully enable us to see what is missing and needed in the current order. Covid-19 has a significant impact and disrupted many things...

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What Pandemic Has Taught Us About Digital ROI

The return on investment (ROI) of digital transformation has been a long-lasting discussion. After all, not all projects yield revenue right away. This risks...

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The Time of The Synthesists Has Come

These are strange days. And nobody knows exactly, how long it will take, what the effects will be, and when we will get back...

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