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A Critical Approach To Digital

Yes, Covid-19 turned us all more towards digital outlets. Most of us watch more online. Most of us shop more online. Most of us...

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Systemic Change or Nudge For The Better Normal

The total bailout money globally declared until so far (end of April 2020) has surpassed 10 Trillion USD. What a number? Global gross domestic...

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Serenade to Digital

Serenade to Digital   The world is in real flux. To be successful requires certain crux. You should not follow the ducks. O digital,...

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“The Better Normal” Will Be Created by Us

The COVID-19 pandemic brings unprecedented change to all of us individually, organizationally, nationally, and even globally. The world and humanity will be vastly different...

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How Can A Global Pandemic Change Our Lifestyles For Better?

We are currently living under physical restrictions all over the world.  Some of us work from home. We parent at home. We teach and...

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Pandemic, Lockdown and Consumer Behaviour: Now What?

Over the past several decades, the world has become more connected through the internet and transportation. People have been able to reach information easier,...

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