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A Digital Powerhouse Collaboration

“The Digitopia Digital Maturity Study is the utmost professional. This is the way maturity assessment is supposed to be done. It felt like we...

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The Secrets of Spotify

A team of five Swedish researchers produced research to “teardown” the walls of secrecy built around what Spotify is as a company, as a...

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Digitopia Webinar Series

Digital Maturity: Customers, Reconnected Digital Maturity supercharges customer excellence How organizations engage with their customers and the experiences they provide are more important now...

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E-Commerce is not an Option: Embrace it!

E-commerce is nothing new. It started out in the 90’s and with Amazon all of us became quite fluent in using it. With the...

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Why Digital Transformation Requires Leadership? 

When we talk about transformation, we mean true transformation. And this implies that many difficult decisions will be taken, many traditional flows and habits...

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Can Digital Transformation Be a Team Sport?

Very often we meet lonely executives, who complain about their difficulties in running their company’s digital transformation. These difficulties are very diverse. They can...

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