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Can Digital Transformation Be a Team Sport?

Very often we meet lonely executives, who complain about their difficulties in running their company’s digital transformation. These difficulties are very diverse. They can...

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Don’t Carry "Covid-19 Impact" Too Far

Due to the pandemic, since March 2020 a lot of knowledge workers are working from home. But there is a variance to the usual...

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The Balanced Vision

What do you think about “extremes”? Extremely beautiful? Extremely rich? Extremely successful? Extremely poor? Extremely anything? Usually it comes with a lot of question...

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A Customer Experience Perspective

We are going through extraordinary times. The Covid 19 pandemic has been claiming lives around the world, perplexed healthcare systems, stopped global transportation and...

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Systemic Change or Nudge For The Better Normal

The total bailout money globally declared until so far (end of April 2020) has surpassed 10 Trillion USD. What a number? Global gross domestic...

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Digital Transformation Creates Digital Revenues

We have a rather liberal approach to the definition of “digital transformation”. Most companies that run “digital optimization” projects, enterprise software updated programs or...

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