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The Largest Grocery Chain in Turkey Gets Digital

A101, the largest grocery retail chain in Turkey, continuously pushes the boundaries of cost optimization and best pricing for customers. With 9,000 stores, 54,000 employees, and over 600...

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Digital Maturity Explained: What's the Point?!

It’s All About Business Performance  Digital is just a means to an end. That end is “business success”.   To ensure that you are staying...

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The Secrets of Spotify

A team of five Swedish researchers produced research to “teardown” the walls of secrecy built around what Spotify is as a company, as a...

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Why Digital Transformation Requires Leadership? 

When we talk about transformation, we mean true transformation. And this implies that many difficult decisions will be taken, many traditional flows and habits...

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Can Digital Transformation Be a Team Sport?

Very often we meet lonely executives, who complain about their difficulties in running their company’s digital transformation. These difficulties are very diverse. They can...

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The Post-Covid Era Requires Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caught us all off-guard. A few people across the globe had been theorizing about the possibilities of such a pandemic,...

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