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“The Better Normal” Will Be Created by Us

The COVID-19 pandemic brings unprecedented change to all of us individually, organizationally, nationally, and even globally. The world and humanity will be vastly different after this crisis is over.

Some call it “the new normal”, others call it “the next normal”. We suggest calling it, “the better normal”, which implies that the future shall be better than the past. We should learn from these trying times, and aim for better.

What exactly “better” means, requires a whole lot of discussion and implementation surrounding the new design of business models, supply chains, consumer experiences, products, services, cities, homes, organizations, company structures, and much more.

“Better” will definitely mean “more humane” by all means. “People first” policies in companies will flourish. “Health first” policies in cities, malls, stadiums, etc. will be deployed.

“Better” will also mean “more sustainable”. If we are able to learn how to socially distance, homeschool, and work from home all within days or weeks, then we should be able to learn how to behave more responsibly toward the planet as well.

“Better” should also mean “more considerate”. Using office space in a more considerate manner, traveling for business and leisure in a more considerate manner, thinking about expenses in professional and private life in a more considerate manner, are just a few examples to behave in moderation.

Humankind learns through disasters. World war, the atomic bomb, financial crises, earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, and pandemics. This crisis will teach us new lessons as well. It is our hope that we don’t forget these lessons and don’t repeat our past mistakes.

Long before the COVID-19 crisis, we have been saying that the world is in continuous flux, and only “fluid” enterprises will survive, even thrive. Those who have digital superpowers will outperform the others.

For those who have not prepared or have not yet transformed into digital capabilities should rapidly close their existing gaps and act immediately.

It will not be enough to tweak your business model. Instead, you will need to radically rethink it. Those who are arrogant about their current market positions might fail miserably. However, those who are humbler about their current situation and realize the right path forward will outperform all the others. Don’t wait – be proactive and seize the moment.

The balance sheet is not simply top-line and bottom-line anymore. You are not only responsible against the shareholders, but all stakeholders. This is called the “Triple Bottom Line – Profit, People, Planet”. The COVID-19 crisis shows us how vulnerable we are. We must remember this in the climate and the equality discussions, as well.

Several years ago, we prepared some possible future scenarios. In these scenarios, we identified three main forces of workflow: Control, Trust, and Discipline. Based on these, we developed three company scenarios, and wnamed them by musical style: marching band music signifies a heavily controlled, strongly disciplined, low trust environment. Symphony music represents a more moderate approach with more trust available. Finally, if we remove some more rules and increase the trust in people, we end up with the jazz music scenario.

Now, what kind of music did the rhythm of your company have before the crisis? What kind of music do you wish for after this crisis comes to a close? And what do you need to do to become better than you have ever imagined?

Please enjoy our “The Better Normal” series below as we share our views and recommendations on everything from supply chains to culture, customer experiences, business model innovation, and more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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