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A Digitopia Webinar Discussion: The Future of Mobility

All modes of mobility are being disrupted by digital superpowers and the need for digital maturity. Electrification, connectivity, sharability, and automation are changing the way we move business innovations.

Halil Aksu, Mark Walker-Smith of Digitopia and Martin Aston (Senior Manager, Aerospace sector) got together to discuss the power and possibilities within the future of mobility, and how Digitopia’s Digital Maturity Index service can help automotive companies achieve digital success in the years to come.

Mark Walker-Smith moderated the event, looking at how embracing Innovation is a key element within an organisation’s overall digital ‘journey’. The automotive industry is transforming into an overall mobility service. Innovation is driving the mobility sector to new heights of automation, communication and customer experience.

Digital is everywhere.

Martin Aston graciously represented the Brunel Challenge, and Halil Aksu from Digitopia gave us their insight and expert view on potential future digital scenarios for the mobility sector. Conversation pointed toward the Brunel Challenge goal of ‘Re-engineering Engineering’ to support innovation, new product development, and integrated ecosystems.

The mobility requirements of the next decade and beyond require the support of such a mindset. Martin and Halil were in agreement that understanding and benchmarking the level of digital maturity within an organisation and across the associated industry is key to the initiatives of Brunel Challenge and Digitopia alike.

New entrants to the automotive sector are of higher value than century-old incumbents. What can be done about this? There is no silver bullet solution; we have to look at the ecosystem, problem of ‘system of systems.’ Brunel challenge is calling for a new type of engineering. For example, within an ecosystem, a car must be designed considering that entire ecosystem – one that gives zero emissions. How are the materials gathered? How are those materials transported? It is not logical to transport parts for a zero emission aircraft via a diesel powered vehicle.

This type of industry transformation cannot be done in an analog way. We need a digital transformation system to achieve this level of success.

Innovation is the only way out. Both Digitopia and Brunel Challenge are delighted to be supporting the required analysis, benchmarking, and increased digital awareness in the mobility and manufacturing sectors.

The future is digital. Ecosystems must be taken into consideration. Whole industries must digitally transform. This is easier said than done, but very possible. We tell you how. Ignite your digital journey today.

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