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Welcome to the Digital Future

“It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”  – Niels Bohr.


We can’t accurately predict the future. But we can watch trends, aggregate them to models, and build plausible scenarios to speculate what might develop in the coming years. These scenarios help us to envision possible futures. This helps us set strategies to plan and prepare options.

Yet with all this uncertainty, one thing is quite sure. Everything is becoming more digital every day.

This is due to two very basic realities:

  1. Everything will become connected.
  2. Everything will become smart.

As microchips, connectivity, sensors, and batteries get ever smaller, faster, cheaper and more diverse, the ‘internet of things’ is found everywhere. There are several forecasts on the table, ranging from 50 billion to 250 billion connected devices by the year 2025.

From smartwatches to refrigerators, connected cars to game consoles, security cameras to smoke detectors; anything conscious or unconscious, moving or stable, will be connected to the internet, sooner or later. It all depends on the economics. This is for sure. Anything around you; in your business, in your factory, at home, during your journey, and in your car will become connected. And we will get used to it.

We will like it and we will embrace it. In some industries, this phenomenon is already a reality. In others, it is soon to become the de-facto standard.

Furthermore, anything not connected could be perceived as a defect or non-functional. Think about your kids. Members of Generation Y, Generation Z, or even Generation Alpha; for them not being connected to their beloved devices is worse than hunger, health or any other unpleasant situation.

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Secondly, everything will become smart. All those connected devices continuously generate tremendous amounts of data. Realities like big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence make calculations, analysis, optimization and predictive applications more possible than ever.

Smart cars, smart homes, smart factories, smart schools, smart cities, smart energy grids — anything you can imagine will become smart… and this will become a reality sooner than you think. A.I. algorithms will manage total complexity. Artificial Intelligence learns faster than a human being and will provide humane services which will ease daily life, optimize processes, and ensure security.

Of course, there is a downside to all this progress. Cybersecurity concerns, fake news, manipulation, hacker attacks, complete blackouts, and many other threats creep into our minds when we begin the A.I. discussion. But, we learned to overcome energy blackouts, we learned to overcome wars and crisis, we learned and managed to overcome many difficult circumstances. Digitopia believes that the future of A.I. is bright. This time, with the help of A.I., we will get over any negative repetitions in history, and the future will be much brighter than it is today.

“If we manage to survive the 21st century, the 22nd century will be magnificent.”  – Lord Martin Rees


We strongly share this belief. We work toward this belief every single day. By assisting leading companies to achieve this transition, we allow them to benefit from the new digital realm and make the future brighter, better, faster, more joyful than today.

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