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Top 10 in Tech News – December

Digitopia research team has prepared the December 2021 top 10 technology news for you!

Kali June Faulwetter

Content Editor

11 December 2021

4min read


Samsara Files for IPO in Record Year for U.S. Software Listings

Take: IoT data collector Samsara Inc. recently filed for an initial public offering. The San Francisco-based company was aiming for a $5.4 billion valuation in 2020, now after the deal terms are set, could be another record-setting software listing in 2021. Samsara’s set of software and hardware aims to make physical operations such as fleet management more efficient.

Italy fines Apple and Google for ‘aggressive’ data practices

Take: Italy’s competition and market authority (AGCM) fined both Apple and Google  €10 million per company for the lack of transparency on the information on commercial use of customer data. AGCM accused both tech giants to have “aggressive” practices to force users to accept commercial data usage. Both companies appealed, and made a public statement that disagreed with the authority’s findings.


NASA wants to use the sun to power future deep space missions

Take: NASA’s latest mission is to explore Psyche 16, a giant metallic asteroid. In August 2022, NASA will send out a probe called Psyche, but the mission is like no other. Building on the learnings of previous missions, solar power will help propel Psyche to its target destination. The probe will use two giant solar arrays to convert solar energy into electricity. Director of MIT’s space propulsion labs Lazona says “It actually opens up the possibility to explore and to commercialize space in a way that we haven’t seen before.”


Why you should care about Facebook’s big push into the metaverse

Take:  Whether it’s a marketing strategy, the next big thing after the Web, or just a hoax, the term metaverse is the hottest topic in the market at the moment. Simply defined as a virtual world where people can do everything they want, led Facebook into its new name: Meta. In more practical terms, it means a more seamless integration of real world and virtual reality. And many companies such as VR/AR, wearables, online meeting softwares were already working on such an integration, so it’s nothing new, but just a vision for the future.


As pandemic sales wane, Peloton turns to gaming to keep its momentum

Take: Staying indoors and having nothing else to do was the key for Peloton’s success during the pandemic. Getting back to normal means not as much time with the bikes. To fight with the dropping sales, the company found the answer in video games: Peloton Lanebreak, a rhythm-based game that will be included in the subscription service. While the company executives indicated that they’ve been exploring gaming for a while, it became a priority for Peloton in the past six months. When it comes to gamification of cycling, Peloton’s competitor, Zwift is the market leader. Whether Peloton will focus on cycling as esports like its competitor, or go for another route, is unknown, but gaming is on the agenda regardless.


Twitter is the latest social media network to combine shopping and livestreams

Take: After YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Meta; Twitter is joining the party with a collaboration with Walmart to combine shopping and livestreams. Hosted by the artist Jason Derulo, the “30-minute variety show” will feature “electronics, home goods, apparel, special guests and much more.” While such experiences were successful in the China market and reports indicate Gen-Z are shifting from traditional e-commerce to social media shopping, some people are skeptical how Western market will adapt to these live shopping experiences.


Apple sues Israeli spyware maker NSO over its Pegasus spyware

Take: After The U.S. Commerce Department blacklisted NSO from doing business with American companies, Apple sued the spyware maker over Pegasus and attacks at Apple devices. The lawsuit seeks an injunction against NSO to stop using any Apple software or hardware. While NSO declined to comment on the specific case of Apple, the company took pride in what it’s spyware did for humanity and indicated that exploitation is inevitable at NSO’s recent public statement.


India plans law that will prohibit ‘all private cryptocurrencies,’ with ‘certain exceptions’

Take: After China, India is taking a staunch stance against crypto. Country plans to prohibit “all private cryptocurrencies” with “certain exceptions” to promote the underlying technology and its applications. Cryptocurrencies have been a topic of discussion for the Indian lawmakers for a long time, yet they were hesitant to make a move before the greater adoption of the local exchanges. The bill, called Cryptocurrency & Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2021, will be evaluated this winter.


Ericsson to acquire cloud communications company Vonage for $6.2B

Take: Ericsson is digitally transforming! The company recently acquired Vonage, a cloud communications company in a $6.2 billion deal. With the acquisition, Ericsson is expanding its service catalogue with cloud contact center, voice over internet protocol solution. Vonage’s infrastructure also plays an essential role in Ericsson’s 5G push. It will also help the company capture more enterprise business, which was a strategic priority.


Apple reportedly aims to debut a fully self-driving car in 2025

Take: Rivian made an IPO, made an amazing debut in NYC, became the second most valued car-maker in the world, stepped away from the Ford deal… so the EV market is as hot as ever! So it is only right for the biggest electronics company to be in it. Bloomberg sources claim that electric cars are now a top priority for Apple. While Apple was eyeing the EV market in the long run, sources indicated a consumer-ready car by 2025. Supposedly, the company already finished the essential phase for the car’s processor. Apple declined to comment.

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