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Ana Sayfa: Digital Maturity Index Ana Sayfa: Digital Maturity Index

Digital Maturity Index

We measure and benchmark your digital maturity as the ultimate digital transformation KPI. Our DMI platform assures success on your digital journey. Our expert consultants align your leadership teams to create a shared vision and clear priorities to accelerate your transformation.

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Success Stories

Champions outperform their competition by using digital superpowers.

Bold Steps Forward: Slide 1 - LCWaikiki

LC Waikiki

One of the main reasons we do this cooperation with Digitopia is that they did this with an interactive discussion method instead of a standard questionnaire. By guiding our teams, they made us do the interrogation, and when necessary, they intervened and adjusted, preventing us from giving ourselves too much or unfairly fewer points.

Bold Steps Forward: Slide 2 Borusan

Borusan Otomotiv Group

Our main goal was not to only get a score. We wanted the high-level management and business units to be on the same page during our digital transformation journey. Digitopia has made a great contribution to the unification of these two sides. In all six sessions, we had various discussions looking into next two years from today.

Bold Steps Forward: Slide 3 - A101


Digitopia has been appointed to measure and benchmark A101's digital maturity. In June 2020 the first has been conducted. Since then, Digitopia is working with A101's upper management on their digital transformation and has become a truly trusted advisor.

Bold Steps Forward: Slide 1 - LCWaikiki
Bold Steps Forward: Slide 2 Borusan
Bold Steps Forward: Slide 3 - A101
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