Digital Maturity Index

DMI is the gold standard to measure your digital maturity, transform your business, and maximise your impact.

In the pursuit of digital transformation, a multidimensional approach is essential, with six critical dimensions: Customer, Operations, Innovation, People, Technology, and Governance. These dimensions collectively provide a holistic view of an organization’s digital maturity, enabling a well-rounded and successful digital transformation strategy, setting a strong foundation for growth and innovation in the digital ecosystem.


Assure your progress.

Digital Maturity Index is the gold standard to measure and benchmark your company’s overall digital situation. Know your score and set your target.


Accelerate your journey.

Strategies create value when you execute them. Prioritisation is the winning formula. Monitor your execution and ensure success.


Amplify your results.

We all want to create impact. In the end, only business results count. Apply genuine analytics, such as vitality or snowflake, to optimise efforts. Strategize your investments.

Become a certified Digital Maturity Index Practitioner.

We created a comprehensive, online, self-learning course for you. Learn all aspects of digital maturity, why and how to measure it, and how to benefit from it. Also attractive for consultants.

From the moment we completed the Digital Maturity Index, we were able to comprehend clearly how we should act on our digital transformation strategy moving forward. This recognition provided us with great convenience while preparing our budget and company strategy. Arzum continues and is now pursuing its work in a more enriched and focused environment.

Arif Emre Ünal, Co-CEO

Digitopia, rather than others, has a method that includes six different dimensions with a broader perspective instead of just dealing with an IT-based approach. That’s the biggest difference I’ve seen. At LC Waikiki, one of our OKRs is now the annual Digital Maturity Index score. Therefore, we decided to repeat the digital maturity measurement every year.

Şerafettin Özer, CDO

Digital transformation and sustainability are two major business imperatives of modern business world. In that respect, assessing where we are and where we would like to be and having an aligned understanding and commitment among our management team is very precious. We chose Digitopia because of their professionalism and sound methodology in maturity models of both digital and sustainability transformation.

Uğur Çoruh, Human Resources Director

As Hopi, our challenge was to design a pathway for our sustainability ambitions and linking it to the Boyner Group agenda. We decided to first measure our score within 6 dimensions to have the holistic view on such an exciting and existential journey. The assesment resulted in many initiatives and recommendations that we can easily embark on. We will continue Spreading our company’s intentions to our partners and ecosystem to create new collective platforms or initiatives aligned with specific some SDGs we prioritised.

Gül Sağır Aydın, Hopi Consumer Business Asst. General Manager