The automotive industry accelerates its digital transformation, steering towards a future where integration, analytics, and AI drive efficiency and innovation. With a laser focus on electrification and self-driving technologies, it pioneers sustainable solutions, ready to conquer the complexities of today’s fast-paced environment. Amidst talent challenges, it harnesses the power of digital prowess, crafting a roadmap for resilience and adaptability. This digital journey doesn’t just redefine transportation; it sets the course for a sustainable, tech-empowered horizon.

Figure: Digital Maturity Index (DMI) Study Results:
Automotive Industry Score, Averages, Leaders, and Laggards

Digital Maturity Report - Automotive Focus

Digital Maturity Report – Automotive Focus delves into the digital maturity of the automotive industry, showing cautious progress amid challenges like supply chain disruptions and chip shortages. It reflects on the importance of digital transformation for resilience and competitive edge. The industry shows incremental improvement in Digital Maturity Index (DMI) scores, with leaders slowing down and laggards at a standstill. It highlights the need for the industry to embrace digital transformation more aggressively to remain competitive, underscoring the critical role of speed and agility enabled by digital advancements for future success.

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We required an evaluation within these 6 dimensions; Governance, Customer, People, Innovation, Marketing, and Technology, which Digitopia includes in their methodology. Digitopia was the only one to answer all of these prerequisites.”

Gökhan Yoluaçık, Chief Digital Officer

Federal Mogul is continuing their successful digital transformation journey. Investments are carried out, projects are realised, new capabilities are developed. Looking at the overall situation regularly is highly appreciated. Trusted partners such as Digitopia are always welcomed.

The capability and ability of your Information technologies are the key tools that support the decision makers’ efficiencies and effectiveness since lots of data need to be collected, processed and monitored when ever necessary. This is the ability that creates the difference in the competition.

Mustafa Menkü, General Manager