Artificial Intelligence Maturity Index

AIMI is the gold standard to measure your Artificial Intelligence Maturity, transform your business, and maximise your impact.

The Artificial Intelligence Maturity Index (AIMI) is a comprehensive tool designed to measure and assess your organization’s proficiency in harnessing AI and Gen AI. By evaluating your AI and Gen AI capabilities, strategies, and outcomes, AIMI provides a clear roadmap to elevate your business in the rapidly evolving AI and Gen AI landscape.


Assure your progress.

Understanding your AIMI score is pivotal for setting realistic AI and Gen AI goals and benchmarking against industry standards. It offers a detailed insight into where you stand in the AI and Gen AI journey, enabling you to identify areas of improvement and potential growth.


Accelerate your journey.

Developing a robust AI and Gen AI strategy is crucial. AIMI guides you through this process, helping you to prioritize AI and Gen AI initiatives, allocate resources effectively, and execute plans that align with your business objectives and AI and Gen AI maturity level.


Amplify your results.

Leverage AIMI to optimize your AI and Gen AI implementations. Use actionable insights to enhance operational efficiency, amplify business results, and stay ahead in a technology-driven marketplace.

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