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Digital Attributes

Almost all business executives in the world is accepting the fact that the key new age business requirement is being…

Microbreweries will come to your neighborhood very soon

Beer and similar brewed drinks are very popular. You can’t imagine an urban party without these drinks. Usually they are…

Formula 1 2050 – McLaren’s vision of the future motorsports

Formula 1 is one of the most viewed spectacle of the world. The races are super exciting. The shows on…

Customer-Oriented Digital Transformation is Very Important for Retailers!

Digitization and technological developments change the face of the retail sector rapidly. The online retail rate increases day by day….

Importance of Digitization

An excerpt from our book “Digitopia” Digitization is the buzzword of all times, it is the talk of the town,…

GDP as metric is not sufficient. How to value the digital economy?

It is one the most commonly used measures of economic activity: gross domestic product (GDP), defined as the total market…

Anti CEO Playbook for the Digital Future

Business is about profit making. If we explain it a little bit more humane, business is about customers and delivering…

old and new
Why did they fail?
It seems to be everybody’s favorite to talk about Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Wikipedia. The success stories. But how about the companies these new age giants literally killed?
The internet has changed everything like nothing before. Web 3.0

Back in 2011 we published a book which changed our lives. We tried to envision what the future of the…

How music became digital. Forever.

Music is a very ancient form of entertainment. We like to express our feelings by shouting, clapping, crying, and telling…

Welcome to the Digital Future

‘It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.’ by Niels Bohr. We can’t accurately predict the future. Bu…