Digitopia is revolutionizing the consulting industry. We are achieving this through our innovative Impact Platform, the world’s leading transformation management software. With a presence in over 20 countries, continuously growing, Digitopia is guiding companies and consultants towards better transformation processes.

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Innovative Solutions

Move beyond traditional spreadsheets. Our platform offers a comprehensive yet user-friendly approach to managing business transformation. As a partner, you’ll have access to the Impact Platform for your client engagements.

Be Part of an Ecosytem

Digitopia is more than a platform; it’s an ecosystem. We bring together consultants, partners, and clients to collaborate and to drive transformation.

Expertise Development

Become a certified Digital Maturity Index Practitioner or Sustainability Maturity Index Practioner through our specialized course, equipping you to offer expert transformation consultancy.

As T60 Consulting, we support our clients in Germany and Austria, particularly in manufacturing and public sector, in formulating business and IT strategies, operationalizing initiatives and ensuring sustainable implementation.

Digital transformation can mean different things to different people and companies. Seeking an adequate approach to help our customers determine a starting position for their digital journey, we chose Digitopia’s Impact Platform for our digital transformation consultancy. It is a structured, pragmatic approach to assess the digital maturity of a company compared to peers in the same sector, define priority areas and initiatives for action, set realistic targets for the digital transformation and above all make all of it measurable.

Koenraad Demeulemeester – Principal, Digital Transformation Competency – T60 Consulting

As NexGen, we are a software product engineering company that excels in designing, building, and scaling digital products for tech companies.

Our partnership with Digitopia has been transformative for NexGen, enabling success in our customers’ digital transformation journeys through Digitopia’s innovative DMI methodology. This collaboration fosters mutual learning, idea exchange, and value creation, significantly enhancing our support for Spanish-speaking customers. The level of support we’ve received from Digitopia has been outstanding. Impact Platform has become a cornerstone of our service. It integrates all stakeholders, is automated and effective, simplifies complex processes, and aligns with market needs.

Jose Antonio De La Ossa Duarte, CEO, NexGen

At Sustainabil-IT, we accelerate Sustainability through Technology and provide the dual benefits of CSO and CIO-as-a-service to our customers. 

Digitopia’s DMI and SMI Platforms allow us to accelerate outcomes for our customers, firstly through more quickly achieving consensus on current and target state, prioritization of initiatives and establishing a roadmap.  Importantly, DMI and SMI provide a “Living Strategy” that allows us and our customers to adapt rapidly to changing priorities and opportunities, as well as tracking the progress of initiatives towards overall targets.  It now forms the cornerstone of our CSO and CIO-as-a-service offerings and gives us a unique selling point in the Irish market. 

Ana Kane, Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships, Sustainabil-IT

At orgshift solutions inc., we’re dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of digital transformation, particularly within the public and non-profit sectors in Canada and the United States. These sectors have faced significant challenges in becoming more digital, a situation exacerbated by the pandemic.

We chose Digitopia’s Impact Platform as pivotal tool in our consultancy framework. It offers a systematic, best practice-based approach to diagnose digital deficiencies, prioritize improvement areas, and formulate actionable, realistic plans to enhance digital capabilities. With Digitopia, we empower our clients to quickly assess their digital maturity, set achievable targets for advancement, and collaboratively work towards these goals, transforming their service delivery for the better.

Chris Carter, Principal, orgshift solutions

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