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Managing Partner



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Digitopia is changing the way consulting is delivered. We are redefining the industry starting with digital transformation consulting. Our platform approach to measure companies' digital success over years, aligns the corporate members around one goal, accelerates their digital journey and assures the success of their digital transformation projects.

We are looking for a Digitopian Managing Partner. 

A Digitopian Managing Partner;

  • has a passion to own a part in a scale-up,
  • has a wide network of corporate clients in the UK,
  • can bring a multi-million sales pipeline with her/him,
  • successfully grew management consulting companies before,
  • worked for top tier management consulting companies at senior manager, director, partner levels,
  • has full energy and never stops till becoming a leader in the UK market.

If you think you are a 100% fit for all of the above, just go ahead and fill out the form below.

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