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At Digitopia basically everything is different. We are passionate, we are crazy, we get loud, we get emotional, we fight, we laugh, we celebrate, we care, we write, we talk, we draw, we create, we read, we listen, we discuss, and we water the plants…

Work is treated like art. Every engagement is like a painting, like a statue, like a modern art installation, like a digital render. Every work is unique. Each and every time we try to get better, just measure and compare against ourselves.

Our culture transcends nations, traditions, languages, genders, and whatsoever. It’s beyond what you could ever imagine. Because it’s unique, it’s us, it’s real, it’s honest, it’s sincere. You will feel it when you enter our doors…

We are using what we were given. We can improve what we have or watch dissolving it. We prefer to improve our capabilities, to shine individually and to thrive as a whole. Come and join us…

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In our head there is something really valuable, truly wonderful. The brain does not just consist of two hemispheres or a few organelles. It’s much more than that and yet beyond our comprehension. Therefore, we like it a lot. It enables us to think, understand, envision, create, share, learn, unlearn and relearn again and again. And this is exactly what Digitopians do every day, in and out. We believe that there is a huge difference between those who think and those who don’t think.

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The brain is great, but it’s not sufficient to be human. It cannot go on like there is no tomorrow. You are not the center of the universe. We are not alone on this planet. We have to take care of each other. We just cannot run only with rational thinking, with plain scientific explanations, with reasonable decisions. Sometimes we need more than that. Grace, charity, patience, empathy, compassion; to summarize in one word, love.

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Head and heart are great, they complement each other nicely. Words can be very powerful, especially if we spread them across the globe. But true impact is created with actions. Helping another person, solving a problem, establishing something new, coding an algorithm, even writing a poem or composing a song.
Take your heart in your hands and realize your dreams. Time is up, and this is the place to be…
Are you curious? Yes, this place is on earth. It’s reachable. It’s us.
We expect you. Come as you are. Bring everything with you. It will be wonderful.

Together we will determine your digital progress.

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