People Leaders face unique challenges in the digital transformation era. Digitopia’s Impact Platform is designed to support HR leaders in navigating these challenges. Our platform enables you to adapt HR strategies to the digital world, focusing on employee engagement, talent optimization, and digital workplace culture. Discover how we can help you lead HR into a future of digital-enabled efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Enhance HR with The Impact Platform

The Impact Platform specifically addresses HR challenges:

Assess your HR capabilities. Our platform provides insights into talent management, helping you to strategize for effective human resource management in a digital environment.

In the digital transformation journey, fostering a digital-friendly culture and high employee engagement is crucial. We assist in developing strategies to nurture a digitally adaptive and engaged workforce.

Move from traditional HR practices to innovative, digitally-enabled HR strategies. Our platform guides you in implementing these strategies, ensuring they align with overall business objectives and enhance employee experience.

Digitopia, rather than others, has a method that includes six different dimensions with a broader perspective instead of just dealing with an IT-based approach. That’s the biggest difference I’ve seen. At LC Waikiki, one of our OKRs is now the annual Digital Maturity Index score. Therefore, we decided to repeat the digital maturity measurement every year.


Digital Maturity is not a job that should be evaluated once a year and then put on the shelves to collect dust. Evaluating our actions every three months and six months allows us to see our progress and motivates us even more for our long-term goals.

Gökhan Yoluaçık, Chief Digital Officer

One of the most important aspects of the process was the DMI Digital Maturity Index Study which allowed us to have a clear picture of where we are and to set our priorities in an objective manner.

Bilal Genç, Chief Technology Officer