Sustainability Methodology

How do we deliver SMI service?

What’s measured gets done. Champions know their score. This is how we accelerate your sustainability journey.

1. Kicking off the engagement

1. Kicking off the engagement

  • The Kick-Off meeting sets the stage for the whole work.
  • It clarifies the objectives, expectations, and outcomes; ensures leadership support.
2. Analysis Session

2. Analysis Session

  • We conduct six sessions, one for each SMI dimension. Each takes 3 hours. A total of 54+ topics are discussed.
  • People who are responsible for, knowledgeable about or impacted by the topics participate.
  • Expert consultants facilitate discussions to foster understanding, alignment, and the establishment of a shared vision.
  • Analyses cover the company’s current state, past state and future targets.
  • SMI structure remains the same; topics are crafted based on the industry and the business model.
3. Scorecard & Priorities

3. Scorecard & Priorities

  • The Scorecard reveals the company’s sustainability maturity in 6 dimensions.
  • While displaying the past maturity level and progress, it also shows the target maturity level and gap between the current state and the target state.
  • Prioritised recommendations to bridge the gaps are presented.
4. Roadmap, Executive Decisions & Progress Update

4. Roadmap, Executive Decisions & Progress Update

  • Current portfolio and SMI recommendations blend into an overall Sustainability Transformation roadmap.
  • Executive decisions regarding budget, capacity and target identify priorities.
  • Critical success factors and executive advice are provided.

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