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Digitopia is Our Vision of the Digital Future

Utopia or Dystopia, we don’t know how the future will unfold. But tomorrow will be more digital than today, that’s for sure. That’s what we call Digitopia, the digital future. Join the journey towards a marvellous 22nd century and beyond.

Halil Aksu

Content Editor

30 December 2021

4min read


Our Sustainable Future Requires More Digital

Sustainability, saving the planet, is the single most important existential risk we are facing. We don’t have another planet to escape to, at least for the moment, if life on earth becomes impossible. So, we better take care of what we are doing, and not ruining our single home.

Energy efficiency, waste reduction, turning value chains into the circular economy, smart grids, urban and local farming, smart agriculture, and many more concepts, approaches, new technologies, and emerging trends will fuel our quest for a greener future.

Digital will provide connectivity, integration, intelligence, and as a result precision. Precision in energy, precision in agriculture, precision in manufacturing, precision in cities, basically precision in everything. This precision will help us to protect the environment, save on energy and resources, and make everything just more efficient.


Our Equal Future Requires More Digital

The gap is widening. In a classical world and a traditional economy, inequality will rise. You may argue that the tech giants and their billionaire founders are adding to inequality, but the contrary is happening. Because the internet and the digital realm provide a lot of opportunities. We just must provide the skills and the infrastructure to everybody, as equally as possible.

Access to information, access to learning, access to communication, access to basically anything, is something unprecedented in human history. The internet and the mobile device changed everything forever. Banking, insurance, commerce, dating, finding courses, finding homes, finding cars, receiving citizen services, running social responsibility campaigns, even elections, all are carried out on the internet, on the device in our palms.

Curse or blessing depends on our choices, our morality, and the design we apply. We could and must aim for a more equal future. Because widening the gap is not sustainable. At a certain point in time, it will create conflicts and even worse, if we don’t pay attention to it. There is no option. We must behave responsibly.


Our Ambiguous Future Requires More Digital 

How could you know about the possibilities in fashion, lifestyle, social possibilities, rights you have, and more? The internet is enriching our lives. Just imagine the #MeToo movement or #BLM movement without social media. Just impossible.

The opposite of ambiguous is just monotone. Do you want a black-n-white future? I don’t think so. Therefore, all colours, all variety, all outliers, all rebels, all disobedient people are very valuable. Because it’s them who question and stretch the boundaries, the limits, the dogmas, the rules, and age-old habits. Otherwise, we would remain in stone age caves.

So, be aware when you argue with a rebel or a violator the next time. Anything you would say in favour of the norm, the standards, the rules, would mean getting one step closer to a monotone future. All this is true for the digital world as well…


Our Digital Future Requires a Strong Moral Compass 

All of the above is very important, basically essential to survive and thrive for a better world, for advancing the human condition. We can go left or right. The pandemic showed how vulnerable we are. But also proofed how flexible, agile, and adaptive we are. That’s what we must focus on.

Compassion is one trait we must foster much more. Empathising with refugees and migrants of all kinds. They will become the entrepreneurs, scientists, NGO leaders of tomorrow. So, let them strive, treat them equally, remove all your prejudices.

Consciousness, awareness, mindfulness, are recently evolving. We must be more responsive to a lot of things at the same time, to become more responsible humans, citizens, family members, neighbours, students, mentors, and much more. Not easy, but definitely possible. We must aim for the highest standards of sharing, learning, and peacefully living together.

Human values must overrule market economics, political agenda, and short-termism. Stakeholder capitalism is a good start. But we must aim for even higher, better, stronger, moral values, to ensure tomorrow will be more equal than today. Otherwise, we will run into irreversible trouble. None of us wants something like that.

We are confident in the future. We trust the humans. We sometimes need some nudge or experience some disaster, but in general, we believe we are on an optimistic trajectory. Digital will definitely contribute. And we contribute to the advancement of digital capabilities. All our customers are thankful to have met us, to have worked with us, and to know their scores. Now they are much more conscious and aware, have a clear vision and objectives, and a defined path moving forward. This is our little contribution to enterprises’ digital advancement.

Last but not least, we foster a culture or high moral values in our company. And we encourage everybody to do the same or even better, at work, at home, at sports, basically anywhere. There is not the consultant, the father, the sportsman, the partygoer. If we talk about the same person, he or she should carry the same moral compass everywhere. Every action counts, every kindness counts. Good luck. May the digital forces be with you.

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