Top 10 in Tech - February

Top 10 in Tech – February 2024

We compile the latest and most exciting news in the tech world, presenting it in our 'Top 10 in Tech' news roundup for February 2024.

Ekin TorunContent Editor

February 21, 2024
4min read

1- Apple’s Ultimate Goal For The Vision Pro

Apple recently launched Vision Pro, a major leap towards immersive 3D computing, envisioned by CEO Tim Cook since the unveiling of AR Kit in 2017. The device aims to revolutionize computing by making it more immersive, hoping to replicate the transformative impact of the Mac and iPhone. Apple plans to make the Vision Pro more accessible over time and sees it as a new platform for innovative applications. The Vision Pro is not just about overcoming its current limitations but is viewed as a critical launch towards the next significant evolution in personal computing.

Source: Forbes

2- Elon Musk expects 1 billion humanoid robots on Earth by 2040s

Elon Musk, echoing AI researcher David Holz, anticipates 1 billion humanoid robots globally by the 2040s, potentially expanding to the solar system later. Musk’s agreement was expressed on X (formerly Twitter), emphasizing the condition that civilization’s foundations remain stable. Tesla has been developing a prototype humanoid robot named Tesla Optimus (or Tesla Bot), which was first announced in 2021 with plans to build millions of units. Musk views the Optimus project as potentially more significant than Tesla’s vehicle business. However, he has acknowledged that the robot, which demonstrated limited capabilities at a 2022 event, still requires significant refinement before it can achieve its full potential.

Source: NY Post

3- Sam Altman’s $7 trillion chip dream: Bold vision or delusional fantasy?

Sam Altman proposes raising $7 trillion to revolutionize the global chip industry to support AI advancements. Despite engaging with major investors, skepticism surrounds the feasibility of this enormous sum. Altman’s vision faces challenges like resource demands, geopolitical tensions, and ethical considerations, raising questions about its practicality.

Source: Calcalis Tech

4- OpenAI just revealed new software that lets you create realistic video by simply typing a descriptive sentence

OpenAI has introduced Sora, a generative AI model capable of creating high-definition videos from text descriptions. This innovation extends OpenAI’s expertise to video, amidst concerns over misinformation. Sora, which is being tested for safety, highlights OpenAI’s focus on multimodal AI development, aiming to simulate more complex human interactions with technology.

Source: CNBC

5- Amazon CTO Werner Vogels’ Tech Predictions For 2024

Werner Vogels forecasts significant developments in generative AI, women’s healthcare (FemTech), and education. He envisions AI becoming more culturally sensitive and productive, FemTech advancing in precision medicine, and education shifting towards skills-based training, driven by industry needs and technological innovation.

Source: Forbes

6- Uber Eats to begin self-driving robot deliveries in Japan

Uber Eats, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric and Cartken, is set to introduce self-driving robot food deliveries in Japan, marking its first international venture into autonomous delivery services. These sidewalk robot deliveries will commence by the end of March in a select area of Tokyo, expanding on Uber Eats and Cartken’s existing sidewalk robot delivery operations in Miami and Fairfax, Virginia. Cartken, established by former Google employees in 2019, will provide its AI-driven “Model C” robots for the Japanese fleet, with Mitsubishi Electric overseeing the operations. This move aims to make food delivery more accessible and sustainable in Japan.

Source: CNBC

7- Tech Still Isn’t Doing Enough to Care for the Environment

Greenpeace’s CTO, Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa, criticizes the tech industry for insufficient action on environmental sustainability. She calls for more ethical and green technology development, leveraging consumer influence and integrating indigenous knowledge for a sustainable future, amidst the urgent climate crisis.

Source: Wired

8- Does ChatGPT give better career advice than your boss? Nearly half of Gen Z says yes

A survey highlights Gen Z’s preference for AI-driven career advice over their managers, citing a lack of support and meaningful guidance in the workplace. This trend points to a broader dissatisfaction with traditional career development approaches, underscoring the need for more dynamic and responsive mentorship models.

Source: Fox

9- Adobe launches AI assistant that can search and summarize PDFs

Adobe has launched an AI assistant in Reader and Acrobat, enhancing document management by generating summaries and answering questions within PDFs. This tool, currently in beta, aims to democratize access to information, indicating Adobe’s broader commitment to leveraging AI responsibly across its products and workflows.

Source: CNBC

10- Drones could deliver medical supplies under UK travel watchdog plans

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) proposes new guidelines for drone use, allowing operators to fly beyond visual line of sight for purposes such as medical deliveries and infrastructure inspections. This initiative, part of a broader consultation, aims to expand drone applications by permitting low-altitude flights near buildings and infrastructure, potentially enabling drones for online shopping deliveries. The proposal also includes flying over private property without exceeding 15 meters in height and introduces the concept of an “atypical air environment” for safer operations in areas with less air traffic.

Source: The Guardian